Gettysburg, PA

Hanover Renovation & Restoration proudly serves Gettysburg, PA

Hanover Renovation & Restoration serves Gettysburg, PA

Civil War History

Hanover Renovation & Restoration is proud to serve the community of Gettysburg, PA.  The richness of the city’s history resonates over time and space.  Every school child has heard of the bloody 3 day battle in the heat of July.  President Abraham Lincoln visited the battlefield and delivered his famous Gettysburg Address.  He stated that we cannot hallow the ground.  The blood of the thousands of men who died there had consecrated it in a way that we who follow can never know.

Gettysburg is a borough and town in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It’s known for Gettysburg National Battlefield, site of a turning point in the Civil War, now part of Gettysburg National Military Park. The park also includes the Gettysburg Museum and Visitor Center, displaying Civil War artifacts, and Gettysburg National Cemetery, where a memorial marks the site of Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address.

Jenny Wade house Gettysburg, pa

With but few minor changes and repairs, the Jennie Wade House Museum remains much as Jennie must have known it more than 150 years ago. Authentically furnished from cellar to attic, the museum is not only a shrine to a heroic martyr but has become a museum of life during the American Civil War.

The Jennie Wade Gift Shop features unique gifts and collectibles as well as Jennie Wade souvenirs.

Some of the special events that are conducted throughout the year include the following:

Special guest Adam Shefts, The Victorian Historian, will be joining the Jennie Wade House History Tour presenting information on Victorian customs, facts, etc. Advanced reservations recommended during these tours.

Join us in December for Christmas at the Jennie Wade House (Saturday-Sunday) and daily from December 26-31. Volunteers will decorate and musicians will play as they did in 1863. We will serve refreshments every weekend. We will also have Scary Ghost Stories and Tales of Glories on Friday and Saturday nights.

Farnsworth House Gettysburg, PA

Gettysburg’s Civil War Ghosts

With over 46,000 soldiers killed in the three-day battle, Gettysburg has too many tragic tales for any single walking tour. Civil War Ghosts presents a route that shows all sides of this hideous conflict.

Both armies clashed around a town of just 1,500 inhabitants. Nearly every structure was commandeered for military use and residents responded in every way thinkable.

Tillie Pierce, the daughter of a butcher wrote a book about her experiences during the war, of her and friends singing ‘Our Union Forever’, as six thousand of Buford’s cavalry passed through the town. Later as the battle grew nearer, she saw more troops passing and heard them wonder when they would be sent back in the horse-drawn ambulances that were also on the streets.

Sooner than she would have wanted the town overflowed with wounded soldiers. Tilly sprang into heroic action, tending wounds and dressings and making many men comfortable as they lay dying around the small town of Gettysburg.

The Inn that bears her name has many stories of hauntings.

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Hanover Renovation & Restoration proudly serves not only Gettysburg, but the surrounding communities, as well. We provide expert home renovation services as well as new roofs, new kitchens and bathrooms, additions and full basement remodels in the following towns. We build new porches in Bonneauville, Greenmount and Barlow. Folks from Carroll Valley and Fairfield rely on us to remediate smoke fire and mold damage. Home owners in Orrtanna, Mcknightstown, and Stremmels call us to add decks and to replace their weathered windows and doors. The people of Hunterstown and Cedar Ridge call on us for energy audits and insulation.